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About us

WeDoQA, a subsidiary of ALAS doo, is an outsourcing Software Quality Assurance company founded in 2005 in Novi Sad, Serbia. It is a company with broad experience in manual and automated testing and more than 50 professionals on board.

With our well‑established workflows and conscientious attention to detail, we are able to help our clients deliver software that meets the highest standards.

With WeDoQA, our clients are guaranteed a professional experience, transparent communication, concise documentation, and exceptional results.

Our mission is to improve both the quality of the software and the development process, with transparency, reliability, and exceptional quality of QA.

Learn more about our values and how we conduct projects in our brochure.

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Multifield experts

Our team consists of tenured and trained industry experts who remain on the cutting edge of all industry developments. While we test for technical specs and compliance, we seek out non‑IT input during weekly brainstorming sessions with everyday users. This approach takes your project to the next level, ensuring an intuitive, user‑friendly, and valuable product.

Implementation in any stage

We understand that project plans change, which is why we can test the final product or take over project management at any stage of the development cycle. We can start from scratch or jump in when you hit a rough patch. With our dedication to clear communication we know the questions to ask to hit the ground running.

All types of projects

We work with start‑ups on their proprietary software and apps, provide third‑party testing for developers, help established corporations elevate their project outcomes. Our experience and expertise enables us to consult on and test any type of software to ensure quality, compliance, function, and positive user‑experience.

In house Selenium framework

Our in‑house framework is designed for a diverse range of projects. As it is easily customisable per client’s needs and project requirements, it empowers us to speed up script test writing, saving valuable time. We are constantly customizing and improving its efficiency and function.

Our services

We offer both a staff augmentation approach and a managed service. Service packages vary per client’s needs, from manual and automated quality assurance, QA lead, project consulting to full project management.

Manual testing

  • Testing for web-based applications, websites, and mobile applications
  • Cross‑browser and cross‑platform testing
  • Regression, Functional, Performance, Acceptance, Compliance, UX Testing, etc.
  • Advising developers on next‑step fixes per project specifications
  • Non‑IT user testing to assess and enhance UX
  • Testing for full project specs and region/industry compliance

Automated testing

  • Rapid turnaround and increased testing coverage
  • Extensive knowledge of automated software testing tools including Selenium, Appium, Cypress, Katalon, and more
  • Testing within Automated Continuous Integration Servers such as Hudson, Jenkins, CruiseControl and more
  • Setting up the initial framework
  • Load/Stress Testing using JMeter and Selenium for real user load simulations

Project Management

  • Innovative project management solutions at every stage of the development process
  • Clear communication every step of the way
  • Making sure your project is on time, on track, and on budget using your preferred PM workflow — Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Traditional methodologies
  • Working within any PM tool including Atlassian JIRA, Rally, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Gitlab, Clubhouse, TestRail, Redmine

Looking for a reliable software testing partner?

Make an appointment with our Senior Quality Assurance specialist to:

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  • Get introduced to our workflow

Our Team

In WeDoQA, we see success as a team sport, and our company can only be as extraordinary as the people who embody the mission of our organization, those who go above and beyond to see the company succeed and to make our customers happy.

Our company, which started as a small family business, now employs more than 50 experts from various IT industries who work together to get the best results for our clients around the world.

Meet the people who make it happen

placeholder img Vilmos Somogyi

Programming in veins, UX at heart, management in mind; family winery owner, foodie, nature lover; enjoying simple things but always aiming for new challenges

Vilmos Somogyi

Chief Executive Officer
placeholder img Tibor Dudjik

Natural born COO with coding and IT background, the faster the pieces are moving around the better he performs, human psychology devotee, Coffee aficionado, MTB maniac

Tibor Dudjik

placeholder img Maja Alić Dudjik

Finance specialist, Babywearing expert, Chocolate maniac, Certified Neapolitan Pizzaiolo

Maja Alić Dudjik

Chief Financial Officer
placeholder img Tajana Somogyi

Always curious about what makes people tick; intentional designer, arts and crafts enthusiast, foodie, hiker, Tribal Fusion dancer

Tajana Somogyi

Chief Brand Officer
placeholder img Ákos Szabó

QA enthusiast, Mechatronics engineer, Media addict, Boxing fan

Ákos Szabó

QA Lead
placeholder img Ivana Tetkić

Perfectionist in QA, loves traveling, snowboarding, HOG and ping-pong.

Ivana Tetkić

QA Lead
placeholder img Marta Gajin

‘Assumption is the Mother of All F*** Ups’ Mr. Eugene Lewis Fordsworthe

Marta Gajin

QA Lead
placeholder img Aleksa Petrović

Bug whisperer, Frenchie owner, Movies and TV shows addict, Master of PES and NBA

Aleksa Petrović

QA Engineer
placeholder img Aleksandar Gajić

QA tester, gamer and traveler

Aleksandar Gajić

QA Engineer
placeholder img Aleksandar Gospodinović

FPL manager, Nature and basketball lover, Biker and hiker, IT enthusiast

Aleksandar Gospodinović

Automated QA Engineer
placeholder img Aleksandra Krstić

Shopaholic, extrovert, dog lover

Aleksandra Krstić

QA Engineer
placeholder img Aleksandra Kosanović

Angular Developer, Coffee Lover, Yogi Enthusiast

Aleksandra Kosanović

Front‑End Developer
placeholder img Anna Martinović

QA enthusiast, Art and Nature Lover

Anna Martinović

QA Engineer
placeholder img Branko Pauković

By far the best table tennis player the company has ever had; sports fan, animal and nature lover, retired javelin thrower

Branko Pauković

QA Engineer
placeholder img Dane Dukić

Hardcore “Ličanin”, Devotee of Danube, Biker, Football tactician, Tank crewman

Dane Dukić

Automated QA Engineer
placeholder img Dániel Snejder

Assisted karate coach for children, Hiker, Motobiker

Dániel Snejder

QA Engineer
placeholder img Eduard Pinter

Social dancer, Gamer, Photography enthusiast, Master chef, Favorite genres to watch/read are Horror/Mystery/Thriller

Eduard Pinter

Automated QA Engineer
placeholder img Filip Marinković

Master of useless information, cat whisperer

Filip Marinković

QA Engineer
placeholder img František Prokopec

If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one ever was truly harmed.

František Prokopec

QA Engineer
placeholder img Ines Prlainović

When you look annoyed all the time, people think that you’re busy. - George Costanza

Ines Prlainović

QA Engineer
placeholder img Janos Bednarik

Milonguero, Hiker, Biker

Janos Bednarik

QA Engineer
placeholder img Jelena Obradović

Lover of the written word, good listener and assertive communicator, master surprise maker

Jelena Obradović

Employer Branding Specialist
placeholder img Jelena Petrović

Social Media addict, Thriller bookworm, Coffee Maniac, Nature lover

Jelena Petrović

QA Engineer
placeholder img Jovana Rončević-Stanojević

Pub quiz fanatic, movie addict, blues&rock lover

Jovana Rončević-Stanojević

QA Engineer
placeholder img Maja Marić

Painter, art lover, qa enthusiastic and music addict

Maja Marić

QA Engineer
placeholder img Milan Guzina

Sports lover, QA enthusiast and gaming addict

Milan Guzina

QA Engineer
placeholder img Milan Stojanović

Programmer by day, Musician by night. Street workout enthusiast

Milan Stojanović

Front‑End Developer
placeholder img Miloš Jevtić

In love with Python, Serbian traditional cuisine aficionado, Sportsman

Miloš Jevtić

Python Developer
placeholder img Miloš Rodić

Interested in the physical world and everything in it, but lives in a virtual one.

Miloš Rodić

QA Engineer
placeholder img Miloš Jovanović

Climber of small mountains, chaser of bigger dreams. Has used “Python for frontend” in a sentence.

Miloš Jovanović

Automated QA Engineer
placeholder img Miroljub Arbutina

Python sage, Basketball legend, Hiking lover

Miroljub Arbutina

Back‑End Developer
placeholder img Nemanja Milenković

Gym addict, Health enthusiast, Believer in hard work

Nemanja Milenković

Back‑End Developer
placeholder img Noemi Szabados Szabó

Bookworm, BuJo addict

Noemi Szabados Szabó

Front‑End Developer
placeholder img Sandra Kostić

Amateur singer, kettlebell enthusiast, avid meme user, binge watcher, millennial

Sandra Kostić

Automated QA Engineer
placeholder img Sanja Segedinski

Bugs&discounts hunter, cat lover, hedonist, nature and life enthusiast

Sanja Segedinski

QA Engineer
placeholder img Stefan Minić

Dc Comics fan, Book collector, Ardent rocker, WOW lvl Pro, Actor wanna be

Stefan Minić

QA Engineer
placeholder img Tibor Szakmány

Master of Plone, Bug slayer, The first of his name

Tibor Szakmány

Back‑End Developer
placeholder img Tihomir Popov

JS Ninja, Sci‑fi and Fantasy bookworm, Biker Hiker Camper, Scout Leader, Kite Enthusiast, Board game geek

Tihomir Popov

Front‑End Developer
placeholder img Uros Vidaković

The least toxic DotA 2 player; not a drummer but can play drums; favorite animals: capybaras, frogs and monkeys

Uros Vidaković

QA Engineer
placeholder img Valentino Milanov

Juventus fan, Batman fanatic, Biker, Karaoke Master. Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.

Valentino Milanov

Automated QA Engineer
placeholder img Vlatko Dimitrovski

Nature, Chess and sport enthusiast, Car specialist, Gourmet

Vlatko Dimitrovski

Back‑End Developer
placeholder img Zoltán Horvát

(E‑)sports fan, Proud owner of a samoyed, Passionate about cooking, Physicist by nature, programmer by choice

Zoltán Horvát

Back‑End Developer
placeholder img Zoltán Meze

Biker, E‑sports fan, Gamer

Zoltán Meze

Automated QA Engineer

Our Clients

For over 16 years, we have been building trusting relationships with clients and their development teams around the world. We are working for all types of business, from small businesses and startups, to established global corporations.

Our clients are from a vast range of industries: accounting, data analysis, insurance, investment, finance, marketing, publishing, technology, education, telecommunication, manufacturing, transport, health, healthcare, tourism.


We have worked with the WeDoQA team for over ten years. They have always exceeded our high expectations. The team is focused, smart, organized and consistently delivers results. We highly recommend them if you’re looking for a best‑in‑class QA partner.

Jeff Zucker, CEO ADVault, Inc. -


These guys always do a great job for us, can highly recommend for any testing work. Will definitely continue to use their services in the future.

Jamil Greor, HyperMedia


WeDoQA did a great job on this initial testing project. So well that we decided to continue to work with them on a separate hourly project. We are very happy with their work, skills, and communication. They are testing experts. We hope to have a long term relationship with WeDoQA.

Charles Swartz, SimplyMap


Fabulous testing as always! Professional, excellent communication, needs very little instruction because he knows his craft and pursues it diligently.

Mike Lenyon


WeDoQA are a slick professional team that delivered an excellent job with pinpoint accuracy. If you want an elite team, pick WeDoQA!

Ben Hoffsteter


Excellent work, went above and beyond. Very detail oriented. Gave suggestions to improve the application, I will implement most of them. Very smart test plan and execution was perfect. Thank you.

Lauren Coleman


WeDoQA did a great job. They were willing to learn new tools to get the job done. He did a thorough job, provided continuous feedback, asked questions to clarify any doubts and produced good code. I would certainly hire him again.

Deven Kalra


Very professional. Produced excellent and complete test plans and completed the testing with a solid understanding of the requirements with a minimal amount of support from me.

David Hirschfeld, Tekyz


Lightning fast work, and went beyond the scope of the project to please me. Excellent coder, highly recommended.

Nick Baugartner


Great Communication and went the extra mile. Great attitude and we will use them again for more projects.

Wesley Padgett, Magnetiks

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