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You invest handsomely in your proprietary software and WeDoQA ensures it is high functioning, user-friendly, and industry compliant. We have an in-house Selenium Commercial Quality Assurance Framework and provide Project Management at any stage of development.

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What We Provide

WeDoQA can assist at any stage of the development process. From Project Consulting to Full Project Management, QA Lead, and Manual or Automated Quality Assurance. This includes non-IT user testing to ensure your software does more than function but is intuitive and user-friendly.

We work with you and your team within any type of PM methodology including Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Traditional. Our goal is to deliver or ensure superior software while optimizing your time and budget. Reach out to start your project from scratch, complete existing projects or test finished software for function, efficiency, and compliance.

Manual testing

  • Manual testing for web-based applications, websites, and mobile applications
  • Catch bugs early on with our third-party testing for each phase of completion
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform testing including iPhone, iPad, Android, MAC, Windows, Linux, and more
  • Testing for Regression, Functional, Performance, Acceptance, Compliance, UI/UX testing, and more
  • Advise developers on next-step fixes per project specifications
  • Ensure code changes, program extensions, and software, app, or website updates don’t negatively impact features or performance
  • Non-IT user testing to assess and enhance the user experience
  • Testing for full project specs and region/industry compliance

Automated testing

  • Automated testing for rapid turnaround and increased testing coverage
  • Extensive knowledge of automated software testing tools including Selenium, Appium, Test Complete, Watir, WatIN, Katalon, and more
  • Testing within Automated Continuous Integration Servers such as Hudson, Jenkins, CruiseControl and more
  • Setup the initial framework for automation
  • Load/stress testing using JMeter and Selenium real user load simulations
  • Katalon testing for mobile, web, and API testing which supports multiple users, has pragmatic reporting, and can be integrated with GitHub and Jira
  • Testing for full project specs and region/industry compliance

Project Management

  • Innovative project management solutions at every stage of the development process
  • Clear communication every step of the way
  • Project management from the start or take over of underperforming projects
  • Ensure your project is on time, on track and on budget using your preferred PM workflow—Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Traditional methodologies
  • Measurable milestones ensuring you are apprised of the project status
  • Consulting for new and existing projects including case studies for in-depth insights
  • Manage within any PM tool including Atlassian JIRA, Rally, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Gitlab, Clubhouse, TestRail, Redmine

The WeDoQA Difference

You have countless options of PM and QA providers to choose from, so you might be wondering what sets WeDoQA apart from the crowd. For starters, we pride ourselves in our Communication, Precision, Reliability, Consumer Privacy, and Uncompromised Quality.

Our team is comprised of tenured and trained industry experts who remain on the cutting edge of all industry developments. While we test for technical specs and compliance, we seek out non-IT input during weekly brainstorming sessions with everyday users who test your software. The insights they deliver take your project to the next level, ensuring an intuitive, user-friendly, and valuable product. This is where we really shine!

We understand that project plans change which is why we can test or take over project management at every stage of the development cycle. We can start from scratch or jump in when you hit a rough patch. With our dedication to clear communication we know the questions to ask to hit the ground running.

We work with start-ups on their proprietary software and apps, provide third-party testing for developers, help established corporations elevate their project outcomes, and consult and test any type of software to ensure quality, compliance, function, and positive user-experience.

Last but certainly not least, we have an in-house Selenium framework which we discuss the benefits of below.

Our in house Selenium framework

We provide commercial Selenium support but also have an in-house Selenium framework that empowers us to get your project up and running with speed and ease. To optimize testing, we implement the Page Object Model to automate our process.

Our in-house framework is designed for a diverse range of projects. It empowers us to speed up script test writing saving valuable time. As an in-house framework, we are constantly customizing and improving its efficiency and function.

  • Java-based application
  • Ant or Maven build and dependency management
  • TestNG or JUnit test frameworks
  • Parallel test run
  • Custom made and well-tested wait methods
  • IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox support
  • Customizable report generation
  • Screenshots and logging
  • UI verification against database or API
  • TestRail integration
  • Load testing using Amazon AWS, JMeter and Selenium

Testimonials / References


Multi browser automated testing in Selenium Grid.

Jamil Greor

These guys always do a great job for us, can highly recommend for any testing work. Will definitely continue to use their services in the future.


QA and project management for their several projects.


Among the top ranked QA providers on


Automating their call center software with several 1000 test cases using Selenium.

Charles Swartz - SimplyMap

WeDoQA did a great job on this initial testing project. So well that we decided to continue to work with them on a separate hourly project. We are very happy with their work, skills, and communication. They are testing experts. We hope to have a long term relationship with wedoqa.

Rimantas Mocevicius

Very good communication, the job was delivered on time, very high quality work. We will use them again for our future projects.

Simple Site

Manual testing of this website service present in many countries.

Mike Lenyon

Fabulous testing as always! Professional, excellent communication, needs very little instruction because he knows his craft and pursues it diligently.

Pattern Publishing

Quality Assurance for all the projects they develop.

Ben Hoffsteter

WeDoQA are a slick professional team that delivered an excellent job with pinpoint accuracy. If you want an elite team, pick WeDoQA!


Testing of their mail system.

Mike Smith

Excellent work, went above and beyond. Very detail oriented. Gave suggestions to improve the application, I will implement most of them. Very smart test plan and execution was perfect. Thank you.

My Directives

Online advance medical directive startup. We provided them with manual and automated testing.

123 Chiropractors

While it was in development we provided all the QA for it. Manual and automated.

Deven Kalra

WeDoQA did a great job. They were willing to learn new tools to get the job done. He did a thorough job, provided continuous feedback, asked questions to clarify any doubts and produced good code. I would certainly hire him again.


A startup we have been providing them with QA since 2010.

David Hirschfeld

Very professional. Produced excellent and complete test plans and completed the testing with a solid understanding of the requirements with a minimal amount of support from me.

Morten Elk

It is a wholly satisfying experience to work with WeDoQA. Any small problems are spotted and either just solved or the issue is raised for clarification. It is very easy to quickly arrive at a perfect result with WeDoQA. Highly recommended!


Full time QA for a Windows backup software.

Nick Baugartner

Lightning fast work, and went beyond the scope of the project to please me. Excellent coder, highly recommended.

Wesley Padgett

Great Communication and went the extra mile. Great attitude and we will use them again for more projects.


Since 1989, we have built and scaled a PM and QA business model that has proven its unmatched potential. We are a dedicated and cohesive team rich in industry insights, working together to achieve unmatched quality. WeDoQA is exemplary in excellence, not just mindless success. We are a small but mighty group who are passionate about what we do, not just a group of developer robots. You will immediately notice the difference!



Vilmos Somogyi


QA Ninja, Front-end Evangelist, Amateur Photographer, Wine Enthousiast


Tibor Dudjik


QA Rockstar, .NET Backend Specialist, Project Manager, Coffee aficionado


Maja Alic Dudjik


Non tech bug hunter, Economist, Chocolate maniac


Akos Szabo

QA Lead

QA enthusiast, Mechatronics engineer, Media addict, Lacrosse player

Manual QA Engineers


Sasa Brkic

QA Engineer

SF lover, Music and Movies addict, latent writer, bookworm


Marta Gajin

QA Engineer

Manager by profession, QA by choice, Samba passista, Culinary artist


Jelena Krstic

QA Engineer

Social Media addict, Thriller bookworm, Coffee Maniac, Nature lover


Janos Bednarik

QA Engineer

Milonguero, Hiker, Biker


Ivana Tetkic

QA Engineer

HOG games addict, Travel maniac, Ping-pong guru


Ines Prlainovic

QA Engineer

Botany nerd, Tango milonguera, Figure skating fanatic


Dragan Martinovic

QA Engineer

Music and Music Festivals addict, Video-gamer, Traveler, Sociologist wanna be


Daniel Snejder

QA Engineer

Assisted karate coach for children, Hiker, Motobiker


Bojana Lazic

QA Engineer

“f u cn rd ths, u cn gt a gd jb n sftwr tstng.” - Anonymus

Automated QA Engineers


Zoltan Meze

Automated QA Engineer

Biker, E-sports fan, Gamer


Vlatko Dimitrovski

Automated QA Engineer

Nature, Chess and sport enthusiast, Car specialist, Gourmet


Valentino Milanov

Automated QA Engineer

Juventus fan, Batman fanatic, Biker, Karaoke Master, Always seeking for new challenges


Tamas Kovacsics

Automated QA Engineer

E-sports fan, Gamer, PBHB Archer


Marina Petrovic

Automated QA Engineer

Mountain lover, Free spirit ready for new adventures


Aleksandar Gospodinovic

Automated QA Engineer

FPL manager, Nature and basketball lover, Biker and hiker, IT enthusiast


Zoltan Horvat

Automated QA Engineer

(e-)sports fan, Proud owner of a samoyed, Passionate about cooking, Physicist by nature, programmer by choice


Henrietta Balzam

Automated QA Engineer

Logic game enthusiast, Challenge seeker, Book and coffee lover


Dane Dukic

Automated QA Engineer

Hardcore “Ličanin”, Devotee of Danube, Biker, Football tactician, Tank crewman



Tihomir Popov

Front-End Developer

JS Ninja, Sci-fi and Fantasy bookworm, Biker Hiker Camper, Scout Leader, Kite Enthusiast, Board game geek


Tibor Szakmany

Back-End Developer

Master of Plone, Bug slayer, The first of his name


Noemi Szabados

Front-End Developer

Bookworm, BuJo addict


Nemanja Milenkovic

Back-End Developer

.NET Backend professional, Gym addict, Health enthusiast, Believer in hard work


Miroljub Arbutina

Back-End Developer

Python sage, Basketball legend, Hiking lover


Milica Lazic

Back-End Developer

.NET C# developer, Biker, Hiker, Hedonist, Just go with the flow


Marco Lempen

Sales Consultant

Translate IT to human language, digitization is my DNA, loves innovation, new approaches


Luka Pavlica

Back-End Developer

Net C# developer, I am constantly trying to improve myself, Big fan of martial arts and love watching good movies in free time


Aleksandra Kosanovic

Front-End Developer

Angular Developer, Coffee Lover, Yogi Enthusiast


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