Third-party program doesn’t allow hibernate session to close

We had an issue with hibernate connections failed to close. We used separated connections for each Dao and all of them stayed open even we called session.close() in after method for each used Dao and checked that they were really executed. The connections have died 2h after the test run, for each test we left open 5-10 connection and because the connection limit to the DB was really small (100 connection) we were unable to run tests as often as we wished.
Useful information about connection kill can be found here.

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How to install Behat on Windows 10

If you have decided to test with Behat and work on Windows OS, you will require some workaround as the official documentation is providing instructions for Unix/Mac installation only. Maybe these instructions will be helpful to you. INSTALL PHP WITH XAMPP (or WAMP respectively – here i will use XAMP) Download the XAMPP from the […]

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